About Us


Chameleon Concepts is the brainchild of Shelley Stein-Bigajer, an interior designer and graduate of the Parsons School of Design. After working with countless clients, Shelley noticed a need within the vanity marketplace. Her vision was to design vanities that could adapt to any space or decorating style while still maintaining the individuality and integrity of its design.

Innovatie Vanities
without Compromising Luxury

In 2014, Shelley teamed up with Eli Mechlovitz, a well-known “Industry Disruptor” and owner of Soho Studio Corp. Eli is a proponent of creating seamless customer experiences while offering high quality products. Together they founded Chameleon Concepts; an innovative bathroom vanity brand that celebrates personalized luxury without compromising on functionality. Chameleon Concepts caters to the wholesale and designer market. Chameleon Concepts vanities are distributed across the United States and are protected under US Patents 735,499 and 742,611.